The Metal Merchants

A "Green" Company !

At B. Green Recycling Inc. we are The Metal Merchants. We pay top dollars for all scrap metals. Our 90 acre, neat and orderly yard in Belleville, Ontario has lots of room to store millions of tons of scrap. Our polite and professional staff makes your visits to our facility a pleasant undertaking. Whether you are buying scrap, selling scrap, importing or exporting scrap, we are here to help you facilitate a profitable business transaction.

B. Green Recycling Inc. Buys, sells, trades, upgrades, imports, and exports all types of scrap metals. We have carefully loaded containers to ship to China, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Turkey. Our highly experienced staff has the expertise to load and ship containers to satisfy your appetite for scrap metals.

We are proud of our reputation for providing community fund raising facilities. Members of worthwhile organizations are encouraged to use our 48’ highway trailers to collect and store aluminum beverage cans, which are then purchased by B. Green Recycling Inc. and the money goes to support the organization’s objectives.

We also have a demolition and plant strip out division. We are constantly on the lookout for buildings that require the contents stripped out, or even need to be completely demolished. Our demolition crews are highly trained, professional, fully insured, and dedicated to recycling. Almost every part of each building we demolish gets recycled.

At our scrap recycling yard in Belleville, Ontario we pay cash for all scrap metals; Aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, iron, plate and structural steel, steel pipe, steel rails, stainless steel, tin, gold & silver, farm and construction machinery, forklift trucks, Steel ship and barge salvage.

Everyone who attends at our site is treated with courtesy and respect.
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